Camp Euforia has been celebrating Community and Music Since 2004


Camp Euforia started in 2004 as Eufórquestra's "Fan Appreciation Party." Since then, it has grown in to a full-blown music festival featuring 20+ artists over three days on two stages. 

Eufórquestra's goal in creating Camp Euforia has always been a seamless gelling of Community and Music. The festival focuses on the Iowa City music scene, but each year a handful of performers from across the country and Eufórquestra's touring friends are invited in to come and experience the magic!

Looking Back

In 2004 Eufórquestra was based in Iowa City and decided to host their own music festival.They established a connection with a local farmer Jerry Hotz and asked him to partner with them by hosting Camp on his farm. Jerry was just as excited about the idea as the band was. The festival has been held on Jerry's property since its inception and as a result Eufórquestra and Jerry have become great friends as well as partners. As Eufórquestra's music has evolved so has Jerry's farm. 

Evolution of a Farm To a Festival

Main Stage

Camp Euforia Main Stage 2005

Consisted of two hayracks and  homemade banners made by Mike Tallman. Festival goers still have a special place in their hearts with the old red barn as the backdrop. It was torn down and salvaged in 2008 due to it's condition.

 Main Stage 2007

Main Stage 2009

Camp Euforia Main Stage 2015

Eufórquestra Big Band feat: Kim Dawson (vocals), Jennifer Hartswick (vocals), Matt Grundstad (percussion), and Robert Espe (Saxophone). 

Stage Setup

Stage Setup

The Barn Stage

Jerry's "Barn Stage" 2015

In 2006 Jerry underwent a complete restoration what is know today as the "Barn Stage". A fresh coat of paint on the outside, a new roof, and cement over a dirt floor were just the beginning.

New windows, updated electric, a built in stage and sound booth have created a special place for festival goers year over year.

Jerry's Bar

In 2008 Jerry added his own bar. "Jerry's Bar" was made from reclaimed barn lumber. The bar now sits in his open air shed (built in 2013). It has become a marquee location for festival goers throughout the weekend.

Original Bar 

Festies gather at Jerry's Bar for the best brews & cocktails!

Jerry's Bar 2012. One year prior to the construction of the open air shed that hosts the bar today.

The bar skirt and the portions of the walls were created from reused barn lumber. 

Our Staff

Stage Production Crew 2012

Jerry assembles a crew to weed his award winning flower beds every year just before the festival. Jerry's grounds are full of outdoor artwork and accent lighting. Almost every aspect of his 5 acre homestead  boasts a different expression of Jerry's passion for landscaping. 

Farm Hands 2011 - From mowing to fencing and everything in between this crew puts in hundreds of hours to prep for Camp each and every year. 

Volunteers 2012

Heads of staff 2011 From left to right -  Recycling  - Elliott Beenk - Production  -Tim Roberts - Grounds Supervisor - Andy - Backstage Catering - Stacy Harper - Volunteer Coordinator - Josh Harper  - Box Office - Gara Luckett - RV Parking - Hank Beisman

Recycling Crew 2011

Poster Designs

The Welcome Banner

 Banner Set-up
 Banner Set-up

The welcome Banner has become an Iconic symbol of the start of the festival over the years. Each year this three frame shot has been followed on social media and has been a photo opp for many attendees during Camp.