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Eufórquestra (pronounced yoo-FOHR-keh-struh, think euphoria+orchestra) is energy and rhythm personified. An ever-evolving sound that has been influenced by music from all over the world with an emphasis on funk, pocket and groove. For over a decade the band has been igniting dance floors across the country, blending the roots of funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae and dub to create a sound that “explodes, dances and melts in your ear with sheer bliss” (Chris M. Slawecki; AllAboutJazz.com).

Eufórquestra’s fifth full-length record, FIRE, was produced by Kyle Hollingsworth (of The String Cheese Incident) and captures the passion and musical maturing of these road warriors. Over the course of 14 tracks, the band takes you on an hour-long adventure that will touch your heart and mind, and keep your fingers and toes tapping. A handful of special guests, including Elliot Martin (John Brown’s Body), Gabriel Mervine and Kim Dawson (The Motet) and Mr. Hollingsworth himself, put their own touches on the band’s already cohesive sound that is “tight and engineered to a fine, funky precision.” (Jeremy Frazier; Chicago Jam Scene) The result is a record that is distinctly modern, maintaining one foot in the future and firmly planting in the musical roots traditions of the past.

With almost 1,000 shows under their belt, Eufórquestra shows no sign of stopping. A perpetually heavy tour schedule keeps the band and fans happy, as performing live in front of an audience has always been the band’s top priority. As noted in a live show
review by Grateful Web, “…the boys seem to play like the apocalypse will happen at any second and they want to die doing what they do best…”


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San Diego-based, iconic performer Karl Denson is set for another busy summer. With his own band, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, he’ll play a number of select theatre dates and high profile festivals across the U.S. The shows will have added significance, as drummer Alan Evans (best known for his work with Soulive) will be joining the Tiny Universe. Denson will also play a handful of dates with The Greyboy Allstars, the seminal boogaloo revivalist band he co-founded in the early ‘90s. In addition, he’ll return to the fold in his recurring role as saxophonist in The Rolling Stones and Slightly Stoopid for a slew of summer shows.

Karl Denson’s most recent recorded work can be heard on the Tiny Universe LP, New Ammo. The collection showcases the grittier side of the band’s musical oeuvre, including stand outs like “My Baby” featuring singer Nicki Bluhm, ”Everybody Knows That” and his raucous rendition of The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army.” The album has received wide acclaim: All Music declared the effort, “easily their most musically adventurist album yet,” while DownBeat praised it as “music for both the party and for fans of instrumental prowess.”

Approaching two decades strong, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe is a prolific touring juggernaut that regularly performs over 150 shows annually. They’re currently working on material for a new studio album to be released later this year. Denson himself is an acclaimed and highly in-demand saxophonist and songwriter who first came to national attention as a member of Lenny Kravitz‘s Let Love Rule-era band.




Wood Brothers

Chris Wood had a scrap of a song — seemed like a chorus — scribbled in a notebook. He played it for his older brother, Oliver, who’d had a verse lying around he didn’t know what to do with. The two pieces, composed months apart, one in urban Atlanta and the other deep in the Catskills, dovetailed musically and lyrically: the verse about a man regretting chasing unattainable women, the high-lonesome, harmony-driven refrain of “When I die, I wanna be sent back to try, try again.”

“Neon Tombstone” wasn’t the first song that Chris, a founding member of jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood, and Oliver, formerly Tinsley Ellis’s guitarist, had written — since 2006, they’d released three studio albums of Americana as The Wood Brothers. But it was the first one they’d written like this. “This is how a song is supposed to come together,” Oliver remembers thinking. “There was some chance, some randomness, to it.”

The experience marked a deeper level of collaboration for The Wood Brothers, a newfound fraternal synchronicity that’s captured on their latest album, ‘The Muse.’ Within the first few bars of opener “Wastin’ My Mind,” which could pass for a lost cut from “The Last Waltz,” it’s clear the brothers are operating on a different plane than when we last heard them, on 2011’s ‘Smoke Ring Halo.’ The components are similar: the dialed-in vocal harmonies, Oliver’s gritty acoustic guitar, Chris’s virtuosic upright bass, the warrior poet lyrics. But here there’s a glue — a yellowy carpenter’s glue, one imagines — holding it all together. The cohesion comes from the brothers having spent the last two years on the road with new full-time member Jano Rix, a drummer and ace-in-the-hole multi-instrumentalist, whereas they relied on session musician-friends to fill out previous albums. Jano’s additional harmonies give credence to the old trope that while two family members often harmonize preternaturally, it takes a third, non-related singer for the sound to really shine. And then there’s Jano’s work on his literally patented percussion instrument, the “shuitar,” a shitty acoustic guitar rigged up with tuna cans and other noisemakers, which, in his hands, becomes a veritable drum kit.



Jeff Austin Band

Former Yonder Mountain String Band mandolinist & front-man Jeff Austin is unstoppable. He is celebrated for his fleet fingers and penchant for improvisation, but those qualities also speak volumes about how he chooses to live. Austin has cultivated his natural musical abilities and allowed himself to be driven by his boldest instincts. In this way, he has been able to build positive, exciting momentum around his life’s greatest passion. The Simple Truth, the group’s 2015 debut solo album and Austin’s first recording for Yep Roc records, is no simple affair.

His legions of fans have long known of Austin’s eclectic musical influences. Here, instead of familiar jam band motifs, listeners will find hints of power pop, country ballads, bluegrass and rock. Assisting the band is an array of acclaimed guests including Todd Snider, Jenn Hartswick, Brendan Bayliss of Umphrey’s McGee and Sarah Siskind. The record features his new band of Danny Barnes (banjo and vocals), Eric Thorin (bass and vocals) and Ross Martin (guitar and vocals).

“I love writing a three-minute song with a hook that would grab a five-hundred-pound marlin as much as I like writing something that goes, ‘okay, after the bridge, it’s going to open up and just go wide.” Indeed, “wide” is what Jeff Austin is all about. He wants new and different, complex and interesting. He wants everything the music world has to offer, and he’s willing to work hard to get it.






The fire rages on for the powerhouse trio from Kansas, Split Lip Rayfield (SLR), as they celebrate the release of their new record, “I’ll Be Around.” The new album showcases the songwriting talents of mandolin player Wayne Gottstine and banjo player Eric Mardis, tied together by the harmony and deep-bass licks of Jeff Eaton. Such songs as “Aces High,” “Heart of Darkness,” and “The High Price of Necromancy” will take listeners on a journey of love, loss, change, and dark powers, as they discover what lies in the mysterious minds of SLR.

The song for which the album is named, “I’ll Be Around,” serves as a tribute to the band’s fallen teammate Kirk Rundstrom, whose influence on the band and its path was great. Rundstrom’s legacy continues to live on in the new album and also the band itself as every live show is dedicated to his memory.

Split Lip Rayfield has carved out their own genre of music with their unique sound and instrumentation. Often described as a mix of bluegrass and country with an accent of metal, no other band delivers the experience of the homemade gas-tank bass played by Jeff Eaton, sets the mandolin strings on fire like Wayne Gottstine, or makes the banjo sing like Eric Mardis. Together, they burn up speakers and stages alike providing an unforgettable experience. This is one trio not to miss!


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Big Wu


Here’s some reality: T.V. rots your brain, and the internet is no substitute for social activity. Seems basic, but it did take a little therapy to recognize these sneaky truths, but not the horizontal-on -the-couch kind of therapy. Did you know that there are many fine and upstanding Americans who honor the thetherapeuticlue of live rock-n-roll music and, subsequently, beer… The Big Wu does.
The musical influences that helped create the Big Wu were loud, and large, and heartfelt. And over the past seven years, this Minnesota troupe has stepped into the role of creating the type of music that wants to course through your veins. Writing in truly American styles, the Big Wu slides, bends, rumbles, and chicken-picks with on the top intensity and good-time fervor.
This inclusive rock-n-roll, people. So boys bring your girls, parents bring your kids, therapists bring your patients. Let the Big Wu loosen the straps of your daily burden with real vibrations. Coming to a bullshitless beer hall near YOU!!


CE Artist at large


Jennifer Hartswick is one of the most exciting performers in music today. She inspires audiences all over the world with her powerful voice and commanding trumpet playing. She exudes confidence and joy and brings her own refreshing spirit to the stage every time she performs. Jennifer’s live performances are renowned as spontaneous, joyful and contagious. Her natural charisma and sincerity shines through, and each performance is a celebration of musical collaboration; the camaraderie between Jennifer and her band mates is always visible. And whether she is wailing on the trumpet or singing an intimate vocal solo, her performance is all part of a single seamless instrument, one that is played not only with astounding technical proficiency, but also with sensitivity, conviction and heart. The Jennifer Hartswick Band released their latest record, Ocean Floor last fall to rave reviews. Hartswick has been an integral member of the Trey Anastasio Band since 2001 and you can find her performing with rock, jazz and gospel ensembles throughout the world.




The Heard is a dirty, glowing machine, turning heads coast to coast by delivering fierce, passionate performances of its own brand of funk that are deep and remarkably tight, yet dripping with an arresting rawness. Armed with pocket for days and a luminous presence, The Heard’s mission is to share its unforgettable on-stage party and love with each and every ear hole and retina. The band’s music, forged from blood and sweat in Chicago with a reverence for all that a legendary funk party entails, features powerful horn melodies served up with precision and swagger over a slamming foundation of lock-step drums and bass, hot, driving guitar, and tasteful keyboard work. Batten down the hatches and take in the sails, have ya Heard?




Soap Bio Pic 2015

A fusion of highly danceable rock, intricate song craftsmanship and psychedelic funk.  Set out to make every show inspiring, Soap is a band with one goal in mind, sheer elation for all those in attendance.  Imagine going to a double matinee showing of Led Zeppelin & P-Funk at Dream Theater and then heading to an Amsterdam discotheque to dance until the sun came up.  That’s about as close as can be described without seeing Soap for yourself.



Public Property started in 2003 as a reggae trio, fronted by singer-songwriter Dave Bess, with Nick Narigon on drums and Adam Grosso on bass.  Since then, the group has gone through numerous lineup changes, having a total of 17 touring members since its inception.  The 4 albums the band put out from 2004 – 2009 are largely inspired by reggae music, both in groove and message, but also reflect the band’s various influences: ska, hip-hop, dub, funk, blues, rock, soca, Hawaiiana.  The 2009 release of Work to Do, the band’s 4th and last album, featured reggae legend Toots Hibbert singing on the title track, which led to a summer tour with Toots and the Maytals that same year.  Being in a band ain’t always easy, and so the group needed a break/breakup after the success of that album, playing several “last” or “reunion” shows since.  Ha!  Now performing their last reunion show at Camp Euforia this summer (and this is the last LAST reunion show until the next last reunion show) the question is: why not another album?  Would y’all be down with that?  We love you Iowa, and we love you Camp Euforia- see you this summer!

“Public Property has a sound that is full-tilt reggae even though they don’t try to sing in fake patois and write original material that actually sounds original. Lots of syncopated rhythm breaks, bursts of pure groove and passionate musical interludes flesh out songs written by various band members . . .”  – The Beat Magazine

Public Property’s 2015 Camp Euforia LINEUP:

Dave Bess (vocals, guitar, ukulele), Ben Franklin (drums), Matt Grundstad (percussion, vocals), Margaret Larson (vocals), Meghan McDonough (vocals), Jeremiah Murphy (bass), Andy Parrott (lead guitar), Matt Wright (keys)



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On a mission to feel human

Detroit. Memphis. Philly. These are the cities that are usually affiliated with soul music. But soul comes with all kinds of accents, Midwestern ones included. And in Des Moines, Dustin Smith and his band, The Maytags, are making a brand of soul that’s all their own.

After studying and playing jazz in New York for several years, “soul is something I have come to just love,” Smith says. Before soul, though, came a folky, singer-­songwriter album, penned in his New York apartment between nights spent hauling his drums around the city, going from gig to gig. But for all the charms and variety the city had to offer, it was his hometown of Des Moines where Smith began to nurture a love for soul music. The musician returned there after the death of his father (about which he penned a second folky EP in 2009) before taking a hard left turn and forming a 9-­piece outfit called The Sunday Silos. Their 2012 album, Northerner was where Smith began exploring new styles, including soul.

Now, with a stripped-­down ensemble, Smith’s current project The Maytags have penned a new EP, Nova, with an ear for “that Motown Stax early stuff,” a natural songwriting style and a respect for the propelling power of a horn section. In the Spring of 2014 Novawas birthed in Nashville’s The Bomb Shelter Studio, where Alabama Shakes, Jay Reatard, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Benjamin Booker, Natural Child, and more have recorded. The EP was recorded to all to analog tape, giving it the sonic warmth of classic soul recordings.

“Soul musicians, they can talk about Sunday dinner in the middle of summer or a heartbreaking love song and either way it is a very natural style of music. There’s no way you can lie with it,” Smith says. The Maytag’s style of soul is unhurried and understated, trading bombastic vocal antics and outsize personas for a relaxed delivery surely informed by Smith’s time writing folky songs on his guitar. The arrangements are spacious, giving top billing to the vocals and buttressed with well-placed harmonies, tight drums and meaty bass and, of course, those boisterous horns.

This easy-­going style leaves room for an audience to help set the tone of each live performance. The musicians take cues from each other, finding sweet spots during shows and running with them, making each show its own dynamic experience. With this new EP under their belts and a slew of fall tour dates to show it off, The Maytags are poised to make audiences reconsider soul’s relationship to the Midwest.





Mr. Baber’s Neighbors: The Solar String Band has been bringing the sounds of both traditional American folk music along with their own brand of original music to Iowa and the Midwest for more than a decade, and have gained a loyal fan base known affectionately as ‘The Baberhood’.  Influences range from the high lonesome sounds of bluegrass’ founding fathers, to traditional country,  to contemporary folk and, at times, even from some of today’s most popular artists.  These influences meld with the generation gap closing songsmithery of MBN:TSSB and they love nothing more than sharing their passion for timeless music with audiences all over the Midwest.  The current lineup offers Dobro, Banjo, Guitar, and Bass Fiddle, along with harmonic singing reminiscent of classic ‘Brother Duets’ of days gone by.

MBN:TSSB has had the privilege and honor to play at Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival, Camp Euforia, Schwagstock, the Iowa State Fair, various college campuses, Des Moines’ Temple of Performing Arts, Simon Estes Ampitheater, the historic Hoyt Sherman Place Theater, Iowa City Mill Restaruant, and the 80/35 Music Festival while sharing the stage with The Grascals, Crooked Still, Railroad Earth, Drew Emmitt, Cornmeal, Hot Buttered Rum String Band, Vince Herman, Bob Black, Split Lip Rayfield, Emmitt-Nershi Band, The Breakfast, Great American Taxi, Tony Furtado, Special Consensus, Ekoostic Hookah, Blue Turtle Seduction, Chuck Prophet and David Zollo to name a few. This year will be no different with shows at the Iowa State Fair, 80/35, SummerCamp, and Indianola Bluegrass Tuesday along with various other offerings throughout the Heartland.

God willin and the creek don’t rise, MBN:TSSB hopes you will come join them for a beautiful day in the Baberhood!






For over 8 years, the Western Illinois based roots rock/jam band “The Dawn” has been spreading their love of cutting edge improvisational rock throughout the Midwest.  From their humble beginnings in the shadow of the Mississippi River, they have crafted out their place as one of the premier up and coming jam bands.

The Dawn’s live show experience has proven contagious and is tightly gripped in spacious jams, roaring guitar and soulful harmonies.  These four accomplished musicians push the envelope at every performance and audiences are rewarded with an experience that can only be described as “The Dawn Effect.” Coupled with an equally adventurous light show, The Dawn concerts keep their dedicated and growing fanbase coming back for more.

Fresh off the heels of their fourth studio release Waiting For the Storm, 2014 has seen the Dawn play major festivals, including the inaugural Phases of the Moon, and has shared the stage with such acts as Widespread Panic,The String Cheese Incident, Govt Mule, Robert Randolph And the Family Band and Railroad Earth.  Combined with high profile local gigs, the Dawn is turning many heads in the jam scene.




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Formed into a formidable force in 2009, marked by their high-energy, poised passion performances, New Sound Underground has become a staple in the Twin Cities music scene as must-see artists. Finding their roots in a myriad of different styles ranging from jazz, funk, fusion, rock, soul, R&B, and gospel, it isn’t too difficult to find a wide range of different listeners, including unstoppable super fans & just simple carefree revelers at each of their shows around the nation. It’s this unique diversity that lead them to share the stage with such world renowned artists as The Motet, John Scofield’s Überjam Band, Lettuce, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Everlast & House Of Pain, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Nigel Hall, Booker T and the MG’s, and MANY MORE, as well as helped them to be able to successfully grace the stage at Paisley Park forPrince’s renowned “Paisley Park: After Dark” party series, The Dakota Jazz Club (Minneapolis), and the Telluride Jazz Festival in 2013.

 In 2014, New Sound Underground partnered with the legendary venue First Avenue in Minneapolis to start a new concert series called “Funk on First” and held two packed shows that included great local bands from the up-and-coming funk/fusion/jazz scene in the Twin Cities. Be on the look out for the third installment of this exciting new series!

New Sound Underground is working on a brand new album to be released in 2015 and continues to captivate audiences with their original sound around the nation.





 Who doesn’t love a good jam? Fire Sale certainly does. Their music can switch from Phish level rock to traditional reggae to funk on a dime. They pepper their singles with transitions and solos and extended instrumentals. Their live shows do the same, and then some. They are the type of band that has made summer festivals into havens for musical expressionism and extended songs. Fire Sale fits that bill.

Fire Sale is originally from the Davenport area, but their ability has brought them far beyond “Iowa’s Front Porch.” Fire Sale has played shows all around the region with such bands as Dave Zollo and the Body Electric, Euforquestra, Zeta June and Paa Kow’s By All Means Band. Their second album, Mind Breath, was released in 2012, but the band expands their repertoire each time out by including extended mixes and jams on their already crowd favorites.




The Candymakers are a blues band with the traditions of old-school R&B,funk and soul.  This young band offers a sound that is contemporary, yet keeps the essence of music past.  Though the band is known for its soulful male vocalists, it is anchored by the collaborative genius of its blues driven guitarist, funky rhythm section and sultry horns.

The band formed in 2010 and were awarded 1st place in the 2011 Iowa Blues Challenge.  After reaching the semi-finals in both The International Blues Challenge and The Kings of Beale Street Competition,  they returned home to release their debut album the next month in February of 2012.  Their second studio effort “Ridiculicious” was released in September of 2014.



Chris Gelbuda

Chris Gelbuda is a singer-songwriter and session musician from Ottawa, IL. His youth, most of which was spent sneaking into west Chicago blues clubs, proved to be a valuable primer for a career in writing soulful songs. After years of bouncing between bands, cities, and gigs, Chris decided to give it all up in pursuit of the perfect song. He moved to Nashville in June of 2012 and signed with Big Yellow Dog Music as a staff writer. Chris is also an accomplished session musician.  Some of his cuts include “Wingman” by Billy Currington and “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” by Sabrina Carpenter, Disney’s newest rising star.  Chris has had numerous song placements as well, including “What Love Looks Like” on the hit ABC Family drama Pretty Little Liars and “I See You” on the season three finale of Dallas.  Most recently, he co-wrote “3 AM” with BYD writer and superstar, Meghan Trainor which is featured on her number one debut album Title. “3 AM’ wasn’t his only contribution to “Title” he also produced the song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” Featuring John Legend. For a rising songwriter like Chris Gelbuda, there is nowhere to go, but up.





James Biehn is one of the most popular and gifted musicians in Des Moines. Whether fronting his own band, or sitting in with such renowned Iowa acts as The Nadas, Bonnie Finken and the Collective, Roxi Copland or Randy Burk, Biehn brings an incredible skill and presence on both his own songs and a flair for covers.

As a performer, Biehn is a rare talent. His ability transcends genres and can go from jazz standards to classic rock riffs to blues from song to song and even within songs. His ability has landed him on stages all across the Midwest and opening for acts like Blues Traveler and many more. Maybe Biehn’s biggest role in the Iowa music scene is the role of teacher. As head of the Central Iowa Music Lab, Biehn has been teaching Iowa’s youth the finer points of music for the past five years. There is a reason so many people trust Biehn to teach their youngster, and at 80/35 he plans on showing it.





Specializing in the Grateful Dead’s music from 1969 through the late 1970s, Winterland has lit a wildfire of excitement in its growing audiences of fans who flock, in droves, to every single one of their shows … and for good reason: Winterland pulls you back in time to a place where the Dead’s rhythm and blues, folk, and country roots were still deeply embedded in their music even as they explored the wild and experimental frontiers of psychedelic rock. More importantly, though, Winterland channels the music of the Grateful Dead with an uncanny authenticity, a sublime fidelity to the Dead’s musicianship, sound and emotional connection with the audience – that almost indefinable something that, according to audience feedback, Dead fans are currently hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Though Winterland’s seasoned musicians – Marc Janssen, Josh Weiner, James Robinson, Chris Johnson, David Lumberg and Stacy Webster – play music ranging from jazz to old-time music to roots rock, they all have one thing in common: a passion for the music of the Grateful Dead.

Walk into any given Winterland show, and you’ll find a room packed and nearly vibrating with ecstatic fervor. Hippie kids in tribal regalia dance euphorically through the very last last encore; crew-cut college boys raptly glue themselves to the stage; older, smiling Deadheads who toured through the decades listen at the back of the room; and tapers set up their mic stands to record every Winterland show. Every face is radiant, reflecting the elation of sharing – with the band and with each other – the pure, innovative, beautifully complex music of the Dead. This interconnectedness that Winterland captures – which breaks down the barriers between people and music and allows everyone to become collaborators in weaving an elusive web of gorgeous, fleeting, living art – represents an essential unity of musical experience. In other words, what Winterland has accomplished has proven itself to be a microcosm of the feat that the Grateful Dead attained and escalated to a full-fledged cultural phenomenon. It is a thing of sly and subtle magic, not to be missed.


Low Down



The Low Down is an instrumental ensemble exploring their love for funk, latin, and groove that make people want to dance. With influences from Meters, Wes Montgomery, Booker T, Jimi Hendrix, and Galactic to name a few. Their music offers a jazz sensibility while staying true to groove funk. The band formed in 2012 as a side project with Erik ‘Edub’ Wilson on drums (Patio, Burntmcmelbatoast), Randy Leasman on bass (The Candymakers), Craig Heidgerken on guitar (Uniphonics), and Nick Vasquez on keyboard/organ (The Candymakers). Since then,  they have entertained festival crowds (Shoe Fest, River Roots Live), as well as supporting acts like Euforchestra, Davina & the Vagabonds, Brain Child, and Diplomats of Solid Sound.

Nick Vasquez-keys, Eric “E-dub” Wilson-drums, Craig Hiedgerken-guitar, Rndy Leasman-bass, Joshua Forbes-tenor sax and jazz flute

This band is instrumental in throwing down the funk, low….also offers a smooth jazz sensibility.


Dr Murdock

Doctor Murdock is a four piece alternative/indie band from Ames, IA. Ben Foster – vocals/guitar, Will La Pietra – guitar, Adam Lyons – bass/vocals, Jose Mendez – drums.

Who We Are:

“Doctor Murdock started as a mostly acoustic street band in Ames, but just in the past few years they have transformed themselves into the premier indie rock band of the Ames scene.

Their music is marked by a propulsive rhythm section, ethereal guitar tones and incredibly dynamic arrangements. They can lay back into heady groove like on their party anti-anthem “Nervous Paralysis” or with an equal ease they can slam into a driving rock n’ roll number like “Guns for San Sebastian”.

Their songs are always rhythmically complex without ever sacrificing the imperative to actually rock. They have easily become a staple of Ames rock with their positive attitude, loud music, unforgettable melodies and most of all their feverish need to make their friends dance.


Grosso logo



With coffee pots brewing, the Grosso family will take the CE stage to help celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary. The GrossoFamily presents an eclectic (not electric) selection of family-friendly acoustic tunes with fine harmonies and instrumentation PLUS they are the proud family of Euforquestra bass player Adam. The Grosso Family invites their listeners to have a cup of coffee while enjoying the concert. Please bring your own cup!

Jack Lion


Jack Lion’s members unearth the early ’00s interest in connections between jazz and electronic music and refashion it for this current era. Striking a balance between jazz composition, down-tempo break-beats, and hazy atmospherics, they have made their mark as one of Iowa City’s headiest and most adventurous bands.

“After we stepped off stage at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe, the room went dead silent as people were soaking in the music. We knew that we had to pursue this,” says drummer Justin LeDuc of Jack Lion. “The three of us have played in bands for over a decade, but this is special. Playing that show was like becoming who I’m supposed to be.” The electronic, jazz-inspired music of Jack Lion had energized the crowd. “People were coming up to us afterwards and telling us that we should quit our jobs to play in this band, that we were the best band they had heard in Iowa City, that it was one of the best shows they had ever seen!” recalls trumpeter and producer Brian Lewis Smith. “This is it. This is our passion.”



Iowa City hip-hop ensemble AWTHNTKTS is not only  proud of their hometown, they want to put it back on the map. Collaborators ION, johndope, Romulan, DJ Sixx, and Producer Clarence Johnson each apply their own attitude and approach to achieving their common goal: To show the world that how the heartland does hip-hop is a force to be reckoned with.



In its short life, just shy of 2 years, SP3 has stormed the Midwest scene with their funky dance feel with fluttering digital elements, incredibly loyal fan base and keen ability to chameleon individual shows, fitting any listening audience.

After the success of their 1st album “Steal Your Time”; SP3 is set to release the sophomore effort “Rise Above and Rage” in Fall of 2014. Recording has begun for this album, and will feature some of Des Moines top artist as a collaborative effort with SP3.

Earth Ascending

Earth Ascending

We are a group of musicians devoted to playing Progressive Groove Rock. We look forward to sharing our journey with you. We formed in 2014 and band members currently play or have played with the likes of Orangadang!, The Franti Project, Bacon, and The Harris Collection in the Quad Cities area. We are all very excited about this project and look forward to bringing you some musical adventures.