Tuxedos or pajamas? Muppets or Ninja Turtles? Vibraslap or Nerf Wars? The answer is yes.

So it’s not surprising the band’s favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s also their anniversary.  Pulling musicians from 3 original bands on a lark, the supergroup project launched in 2012 at the “Rager of Death” — an infamous Quad Cities Halloween party.

After accidentally booking three more shows, the members laced up their dancing shoes, bowed their heads and vowed solemnly, “We dedicate this project to the pursuit of ridiculous fun.”

Now touring regionally, Have Your Cake is known for album-accurate sound, spiffy hats, and an overwhelming energy surplus. Some fans have reported their phones being recharged by simply taking video at live shows.

“I’ve really only known Cake through the few songs I’ve heard on the radio. I guess I liked them enough to come see you guys. I was blown away… I’ve been swimming in a pool of Cake musically, all because of you.— Tim M., Illinois

“They sound more like Cake than Cake does live.” — Ian Z., Illinois

Those kids drank all our beer. Good show though.”— Mr. Finkelstein, Iowa

Have Your Cake features Gordon Pickering (bass. yelling), Lars Rehnberg (lead guitar, vocals), Leif Rehnberg (drums, vocals), Karah Rehnberg (trumpet, percussion, vocals), and Adam Vilmont (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, vibraslap).

If you too aspire to swim in a pool of cake, while dancing, and carrying on… Don’t miss Have Your Cake!