Kris Lager Band

Kris Lager Band

If you still haven’t experienced The Kris Lager Band they are an amazing group of musicians that are on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream. Considered by many to be one of the most exciting bands on The American Music Scene today they capture a spirit and an energy that is as unique as their sound. Some even call them ‘The FEEL GOOD BAND OF THE CENTURY’. The Kris Lager Band embodies a ‘Celebrate Life’ mantra that resonates through their passionate live performances and have been rapidly infecting and uplifting the spirits of people across the nation.

This constantly touring outfit just signed a new management deal that is sure to raise
them above obscurity and out of the underground. With new management onboard they
enlisted the help of 7 time Grammy Award winning Producer, Steve Thompson to record with Kris Lager Band in the months to come. The future is looking bright for these young troubadours as they quickly gain fans and believers with every heart felt and electrifying show they play.

Over the past decade they have managed to do the almost impossible: develop a grassroots following across the country without any national television or media exposure. It’s a hard thing to do for a band that lives and spends a lot of time touring in ‘Fly Over Country’, but just as this band sets out to lift people’s spirIts through music they also intend to change the perspective and define what it means to be a band out of The Midwest and particularly Nebraska.

A sense of purpose on top of excellent musicianship, heartfelt delivery, and great original songs. Kris Lager Band is a very special group that you’ll be saying. “I knew them when….”