RV Info

Note: Diagram is approximate.

Note: Diagram is approximate.

  • Cost: $20 per Camper/RV Payable onsite upon arrival.
  •  Vehicles will be parked in the parking area.
    • Exceptions: motor-homes or self contained truck campers.
  • No camping in the bed of a pickup allowed
  • Only Tents camping with  RV’s will be allowed in the RV Parking Area.
  • Entry ways will be kept open at all times.
  • If you are planning on using a generator you will be required to park on the west side of the lot (closest to the parking lot).
  • When you arrive at the fest you will be directed to Hank our awesome RV parking coordinator!!! He will assist you in parking you rig…

Please email us at  rvparking@w6ir.com and let us know the following:

  • Camper Type
  • Camper Size

Are you wanting to camp with friends/family? Contact Hank Today

Common asked questions:

  • Will we provide hookups? Sorry but no.
  • What is the Cost? $20